Archaeology school?

Who wants to go to that?

It’s boring as F.

Except, it’s not archeology school.

It’s so much more than that.

At least, that’s what Dr Byron Willoughby says. Dr Willoughby is a recruiter – a Raider himself. He’s grouchy and prickly and has no problem telling me he doesn’t think I can hang and the head master is only extending a place there as a favor to my dead father.


I’ll prove him wrong.

These magical artifacts we’re supposed to be hunting for are a bit of a stretch for me but I’ll bite my tongue and wait to see what happens.

I mean, magic isn’t real.

We’re just searching for artifacts and stuff.




Being one of the few chosen to accompany Dr Byron Willoughby to examine the recently discovered Mayas ruins was a huge honor.

He told us to wait for him to arrive when his flight was delayed. He told us never to go into the ruins at night. He probably said a lot of other helpful stuff I should have listened to.

But, I couldn’t wait. I had to see the Mayas calendar by night.

Big mistake.

I fell back in time. And one of the students is murdered.

Like that is not enough, I am the main suspect.

And now I must find a way to get back and clear my name.

the spell of the mayas


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