Time Travel Academy series: The Order of the Black Rose

When Floriana wakes up in a different timeline, she thinks she’s dreaming.
Turns out that ring she discovered in her dead mother’s closet was some kind of a time travel device.

When Clocksworth Academy sends her a letter, Dora – the woman who raised Floriana after her parents died – insists that she goes.

EVERYONE seems to know their parents and everyone thinks she is going to be as great as they were.
SHE thinks she’s a great disappointment.
But whatever.
Suddenly, tragedy strikes and Floriana is asked to work against the clock to thwart some Nazi efforts to create a legion of superhuman soldiers.
However, all Floriana cares about is learning this time travel stuff so she learns more of her family history.
Only to find out that she shouldn’t.

* Clocksworth Academy is the first novel in The Order of the Black Rose time travel series.

** This book is a revamped and massively revised new edition of two novels that were previously published as The Undead Must Die and The Withered Rose.

This is the perfect read for the fans of Jodi Taylor, Jasper Fforde, Ben Aaronovitch, and Rysa Walker.

* The Order of the Black Rose is a New Adult Time Travel series. It’s NOT a Reverse Harem. It’s perfect for the fans of National Treasure and Timeless.


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