Arthurian Urban Fantasy series: Avallon Academy

My name is Gwen and I can manipulate time. I slow things down – like my first kiss with Owen Hart – and speed things up – like walking in on him cheating on me with my best friend Lynete. But the manipulation of time is forbidden, something I have no idea about. Until Mordred Loth shows up at my door, ready to arrest me for misuse of powers.


The only reason I’m still free is a man called Merlin who comes out from nowhere and vouches to Mordred for me.

Like we haven’t just met for the first time.

Merlin promises Modred to teach me how to control my powers. He introduces me to Avallon Academy and opens my works up to one I didn’t know existed.
But someone is stealing time, and I need to find who that is before they come again for me.

A student, named Arthur is willing to help but I can tell, he isn’t the sweet guy he appears to be.

However, he seems to be my only ally. As long as we don’t kill each other first.

* Avallon Academy is a New Adult Urban Fantasy series. It’s NOT a Reverse Harem. It’s like Young Adult Harry Potter meets the Arthurian Legend.


Book #1

Amazon (KU)

Book #2

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