The Knight’s Rose (The Order of the Black Rose #7)

When time travel goes wrong, trust no one!

Still stuck in the 16th century, Eric tries to find a way to return to 21 st century when a friend he though dead appears before him, bearing the gift of time travelling. However, things are not what they seem to be. Again!
So he seeks the help of Elizabeth I of England, the Virgin Queen, to set his plan in action.
In the meanwhile, Floriana finds herself in the Sultan’s harem, sold as a slave and dressed as an odalisque. When things get worse, she finds an unexpected ally in the face of Thor. Or at least, his lookalike.
Will Eric travel back to the 21 st century? Will Floriana get free from the Sultan’s harem?

BUY NOWThe Knight’s Rose’ to find out!

THE LAST KINGDOM meets TRAVELERS in this thrilling time travel thriller by USA Today best-selling author Penny BroJacquie

Warning: It ends with a cliffhanger.

** The Order of the Black Rose is a serial, new episode every twenty days.


#1 The Undead Must Die
#2 A Knight’s Oath
#3 The Withered Rose

(end with a cliffhanger)
#4 The Knight’s Portal
#5 A Knight’s Deceit
#6 The White Knights
#7 The Knight’s Rose
#8 The Knight’s Paradox (January 30th, 2019)
#9 The Knight of Shadows (February 2019)
#10 The Knight Seeker (early March 2019)
#11 The Knight Files (late March 2019)
#12 A Knight Reborn (April 2019) – SEASON FINALE

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