A Knight’s Oath: The Order of the Black Rose Book 2


A Knight’s Oath is now available!

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A Knight’s Oath: A YA science fantasy short story
(The Order of the Black Rose Book 2) 

A cloak-and-dagger society. A deadly challenge. An oath to secrecy. A call of fate.

He wished he could live a life full of adventure. “Be careful what you wish for,” they say.
Young Eric lives a boring life on an isolated island in the North Sea, which no one seems to know. Studying ancient runes and Norse mythology doesn’t offer him any pleasure anymore. He wants to travel the world, live the adventure, experience the excitement.
And then he meets Egon, a mysterious traveler, and finds himself trapped in a dim dungeon with no way out. His life is in danger, so are the lives of his loved ones.
It is the moment when Eric will have to choose his own life path. Will he choose to have control of his own life and preserve the right to make his own decisions? Or will he take the oath that will strip him of the prerogative of making his own life decisions?

What will he choose? Freedom or destiny?

Find out in this adrenaline rushing thrill ride, chock full of runes and ancient secrets!

If you love conspiracies, fun-filled adventure science fantasy, and history, then you’ll love the second standalone installment in Penny BroJacquie’s NA SpecFic series.

~ A KNIGHT’S OATH is a short story and book #2 in The Order of the Black Rose NA science fantasy series. It’s focused on Eric’s background story and prepares the reader for the events that will occur in book #4, The Knight’s Portal, due to release in July 2018.

Buy A Knight’s Oath to join The Order of the Black Rose today.

Book #1: The Undead Must Die
Book #2: A Knight’s Oath
Book #3: The Withered Rose
(THE WITHERED ROSE hit the USA Today bestselling list with the WRATH AND RUIN boxed set.)
Book #4: The Knight’s Portal will be released in July 2018.

*** All books in The Order of the Black Rose series can be read standalone.

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CKSHDWM/




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